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18 January 2014 @ 08:20 pm
2013 J-POP MIXTAPE + the last goodbye  
Hello, guys! It’s been almost a year since my last update here. I got a job around last year’s February plus I had to study so I’d get to college then I started leaving the blog behind. Sorry that I left without further notice. I wasn’t very satisfied with how everything turned out in the end so I just neglected it.

I wanted to make a post like this way before but I felt like it should have been special at the very least. Here’s a mixtape with 28 songs that defined to me what J-Pop sounded like in 2013. I’ve met wonderful people and had such great time thanks to J-Pop so that feels like an appropriate way to pay a little tribute to it. Also, this is my last goodbye to you guys as this blog’s runner. Thank you for everything, really.

001 namie amuro “alive”
002 miliyah kato “emotion”
003 jasmine “weekend high”
004 faky “better without you”
005 daichi miura “i’m on fire”
006 vivivid “love2move”
007 ai + miliyah + verbal “run free”
008 koda kumi “pink spider”
009 meg “kiss or bite”
010 sheena ringo “netsuai hakkakuchuu”
011 perfume “1mm”
012 kyary pamyu pamyu “ninja re bang bang”
013 charisma dot com “hate”
014 michi “saturday night”
015 girls’ generation “galaxy supernova”
016 tommy february6 “runaway”
017 ayumi hamasaki “merry-go-round”
018 ai “voice”
019 beni “reason”
020 cream “beautiful”
021 lecca “sky is the limit”
022 crystal kay “my heart beat”
023 afterschool “heaven”
024 passepied “toryanse”
025 sekai no owari “death disco”
026 tommy heavenly6 “can you hear me?”
027 shishido kavka “love corrida”
028 scandal “over drive”

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